Why Hunter Montessori School?

Hunter Montessori School was created for a specific purpose. With the intention to actively respond to the needs of our children in a rapidly changing world.

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We are a community committed to the continuation of the philosophy and foundational work brought forth by physician, and professor of anthropology Maria Montessori, authentically and consciously implemented to holistically  serve and support your child through each specific stage of development from age 2 1/2- 15. This is achieved within the prepared environment, capable of drawing out the natural potential inherent in every child.

Our historic, stream-side campus comprises 12 acres of fields and woodlands and was specifically chosen for it’s unique diversity. Each of our ecologically sensitive classroom buildings was designed by us to compliment Montessori principles and built with a lasting commitment to energy conservation. The result celebrates nature and will invigorate your child’s learning experience.

In our current world and culture, technology and the demands of daily life have exceeded at a speed that can leave children in a perpetual state of “catching up”– sometimes even missing those moments of awe and wonder that lead to the whole development of a child into adolescence and ultimately adulthood. Hunter Montessori School provides a child-centered approach to education, where each child is an individual that is part of a whole.

Our dedicated faculty and community that is Hunter Montessori School is an essential compliment to the natural development of your child because it’s more than what is considered traditional education. It is an integration of environment and materials crafted for use across the continuum of learning guided by grace and courtesy. Together we navigate a harmonious process of education amidst the progressive demands of modern life, grounded in the desire to support your child’s journey.

If Hunter Montessori School appeals to your family please contact us and schedule a visit today! 860.489.5595